Liquid Galaxy

Liquid Galaxy Flyer
Technical Specifications

Liquid Galaxy is an immersive panoramic media system, based on Google Earth, that is being used by museums and science centers around the world. Originally created at Google, the system is made up of 7 HDTV displays that surround in a semicircle around the visitor. The system includes a touchscreen where the visitors can select presentations, as well as a 3D joystick that allows visitors to fly through presentations and around the world.

With Liquid Galaxy’s co ntent management system, museums and science centers can create interactive and immersive exhibits about any topic. This can include pictures, video, 3D models, 360 panoramic video, GIS data, and more. One of the great features of Liquid Galaxy is that once installed, it can be a changing exhibit with new content every few months. Videos of Liquid Galaxy uses for science centers and more can be found here.








Natural History Museum

Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

National Air and Space Museum

UNC Chapel Hill

US Embassy Cultural Center