Science On A Sphere Kiosk

SOS Kiosk

The Kiosk software will typically be included in a full SOS installation. We offer both a full Kiosk solution with software designed by NOAA, and a lightweight solution with software designed by our team. The kiosk can be used to interact with the SOS Sphere, and play datasets. It is a great product for children to touch and learn about our planet, and other planets. It uses a touch screen monitor, and does not require a docent to be present to interact with the system.


  • Developed by NOAA
  • Offers more controls over the SOS system.
  • Great for education.
  • Runs on a Windows OS (8, 10, 11)
  • Cheaper than the full systems hardware costs.
  • Many possible configurations
  • Connect to any dataset on the SOS system.
  • Provides better control over the kiosk.
  • Runs on Ubuntu (18.04, 21.10)
  • Developed by us.