SOS Quick Deploy

SOS Quick Deploy showing earth.

SOS Quick Deploy

Quick deploy is the SOS system with an inflatable sphere, either hung or on a stand. This dramatically reduces setup time to only 3 or 4 hours. It works great in rooms with standard ceiling heights, on a wall, or even in a corner and can be achieved with only two projectors.


  • Rental

    • Rent for a few days, or few weeks!
    • We will typically support the temporary installation.
    • Uses an inflatable sphere!
  • Purchase

    • Comes with everything needed for a traveling quick deploy system!
    • Computers will typically be installed in a traveling rack.
    • Training for setup and maintenance as well as how to use the SOS.
    • Great for non-permanent locations.


SOS Quick Deploy Generic Image
SOS Quick Deploy in background of camera crew